If you fancy a little entertainment but not just for three or four days, chances are you are looking for apartment rentals in Las Vegas. There is no better place than Las Vegas to enjoy yourself and finding yourself an apartment instead of spending a fortune for a hotel room every time you go there might be a great idea if you go there often with your friends. Once you found the perfect holiday apartment for rent of your dreams, it is time to get a little bit creative and add your personal touch to the apartment without spending a fortune, since you are probably already spending one for rent each month.

Usually apartments in Vegas have that golden elegant touch that makes them either luxurious or tacky. If you really are spending a fortune for rent, you might be one of the luckiest and you got yourself a good luxurious apartment that doesn’t need much to look like the perfect holiday apartment. You could simply buy a few candles and fresh flowers to make it even more beautiful and you are done. But if you rented a cheaper apartment, chances are it just looks tacky, like your seventy-rear-old aunt when she dresses up for Christmas dinner with all her jewelry and that huge fur coat.

If you are one of the unluckiest that got a tacky apartment, there isn’t much to do but you can always turn tacky feeling into luxurious feeling, simply following these suggestions. First of all, if you want your apartment to look like the luxurious apartments in Las Vegas, you must get rid of anything that screams tacky. Just put everything in a box and put it under the bed. You can’t repaint the walls or change the kitchen tiles but you can always buy some elegant linen. If you aren’t much into tacky sofa or armchair, you can find some blankets to cover them with a pattern you like in the color you like the most. Cover them is the cheapest way to hide the tacky feeling but if you are feeling a little bit spendy, you can always find a elegant sofa in one of the many department stores in town.

If the bedroom looks like a tacky boudoir, you might want to turn that into an elegant one. Buy some modern décor magazines and you will find for sure pictures from other apartments to rent. You could get silky linen in a color like midnight blue to add a touch of elegance to your room and you should always have candles and fresh flowers around. You can find flowers for cheap at flowers markets so it won’t cost much.

Also you should remember that even if you don’t like at all the style of the apartment, you shouldn’t do anything conclusive. This is not your apartment and your landlord might get very angry if you do something that your contract doesn’t allow you to do.